Target group:

This course is addressed to professional Education staff interested in organizing Educational environments capable of introducing and implementing changes through effective Educational leadership practice. The course targets in providing learners with the foundations for examining and developing their own individual styles. The work of a leader is to constantly look ahead and to provide the changes that are necessary for the organization to keep abreast of the evolution of its environment. The course investigates different kinds of leadership such as transactional, transformational, and distributed leadership. It addresses key issues concerning leadership building in organizations and teams, performance management, and knowledge sharing. Emphasis will be given on the role of change and innovation in organizational dynamics. This analysis will be applied to the organizational design and to the study of  the impact on organizational dynamics also through the introduction of information  technology.

school management

Organizational Behavior module focuses on the scientific study of the behavior and motivations of individuals functioning in organized groups and its application to business and industrial settings. Includes instruction in organization theory, industrial and organizational psychology, sociology of organizations, reinforcement and incentive theory, employee relations strategies, organizational power and influence, organization stratification and hierarchy, leadership styles, and applications of operations research and other methodologies to organizational analysis.

Main Objectives:

  • Develop leadership qualities through effective communication strategies and enhance the individual leadership skills of participants
  • Learn how to target on effectiveness in leading successful schools
  • Define the role and scope of leadership within an organization (compared with managerial skills)
  • Examine theories and best practices for successful change implementation
  • Examine the role of top management, middle management, employees, and consultants in designing and implementing change programs
  • Developing an innovating culture
  • Motivate people to achieve the vision.
  • Explain the various modes of organisational behaviour.
  • Design effective organizations and change them to achieve better performance.
  • Understand the role of organizational culture and interaction.
  • Identify and develop organisational goals, aims and objectives.
  • Explain the features of a manager and of a leader.
  • Understand the causes of resistance to change.


Module 1 – Learning in the 21st Century

Module 2 – On leadership, Leading and managing change

Module 3 – Styles and Approaches in Leading and Managing Change

Module 4 – Organizational theories

Module 5 – Knowledge management for business innovation

Module 6 – Human Resource Management

Module 7 – Organizational structures

Module 8 – Human Resource Management

Module 9 –  Team Decision Making and Employee Involvement

Module 10 – Organizational learning

Module 11 – Principles for educational instructional design and evaluation of learning spaces

Module 12 – Make contacts with individuals and organizations working in the education field in Greece;

Module 13 – Visit and network with Greek educational institution.

Course Dates – Under Negotiation

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