Effective teaching with ICT / Web 2.0 applications – Course Contents


This course is addressed to individuals and organizations who wish to embed Web 2.0 applications to bring their teaching skills and methods to a higher level. Online tools and resources have made collaboration between educators, students and parents easier. These “Web 2.0” teaching tools can be accessed from any computer they can be used to teach curriculum content, store data, create/edit video, edit photos, collaborate and so much more. These programs are often free and are used by teachers, students, and sometimes parents, both in and out of the classroom, on a pretty regular basis. The use of these tools enable people to acquire skills anywhere, anytime; it empowers teachers to adopt new practices, to tailor interventions on the basis of personal learning needs and to individualise assessment. It also caters for self-regulated and informal learning, accommodates different learning styles, innovative collaborative learning practices, and supports more efficient workforce training, at a global scale, improving delivery, reducing training costs and time-to-competencies.

The course content is not combined to a specific teaching subject. The objective is to help educators in the conditions to get familiar and to benefit of the opportunities given by these new tools to us learn better, more efficiently and creatively.

Main Objectives:

  • Acquisition of the theoretical background to teach in technology based environment
  • Providing an introduction about e-learning within various classes
  • Learn how to use ICT for learning purposes
  • Explore the different categories of Web 2.0 tools
  • Make personalisation and customisation of education a much easier task
  • Improve their skills in a practical and concrete way using ICT/ Web 2.0 applications
  • Setting up and adjust Web 2.0 tools for teaching purposes
  • By the end of the training each participants will create Lessons based on ICT / Web 2.0 applications.


  • Module 1 – Learning in the 21st Century
  • Module 2 – Research on multimedia learning
  • Module 3 – A design method for e-learning
  • Module 4 – Writing e-learning contents
  • Module 5 – Pedagogical approach of implementing Digital Environments into education
  • Module 6- Introduction into everyday ICT tools
  • Module 7 – Learning how to use ICT tools for educational purposes
  • Module 8 – Setting up ICT tools for virtual trainees
  • Module 9 – Get introduced in Web learning space using a CMS platform
  • Module 10 – Design your web platform for educational purposes
  • Module 11 – Develop your Web learning space
  • Module 12 – Make contacts with individuals and organizations working in the education field in Greece;
  • Module 13 – Visit and network with Greek educational institution.
  • Module 14 – Workshop

Course Dates – Under Negotiation

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